Recently there has been a rapid growth in the popularity of the iPhone in the market place. As the marketability of the iPhone grows, so does a desire to replicate the phone at a cheaper price. These cheaper phones are known as replicas. There is no comparison between the quality of an original iPhone and the replica iPhone. The latter has a lower life span and a poorer quality. The replica devices are often referred to as “Chinese” iPhones which is not surprising since most of these fakes are made in China. The original iPhones are made in China as well. Since both versions of the phones are made in China it may seem harder to differentiate between the two. However distinguishing a real iPhone from a replica is not as difficult as it may seem. With the right knowledge differentiating the two can be a simple task.

iPhone and High-Quality Replica

Original products by any respectable company, including Apple, have a number of features by which it can be identified as genuine. Below I will try to give you the most comprehensive list of Apple inherent features that help to distinguish the real iPhone from the replicas. iphone 11 pro


Apple products have always been expensive, and the iPhone is no exception. If you caught the iPhone at a suspiciously low price go to the store or on the official website. Once there try to compare the cost you were offered with the prices offered on the website or the store. The authentic iPhone price tag varies on the status of the phone. The price of a new phone versus a refurbished phone may vary in price by 15-50% depending on the state, availability, and age of the phone.


IOS is the operating system of Apple brand products. This operating system is used only on Apple devices. Each Apple product comes equipped with a certain set of programs that are unique to this operating system. These programs include iTunes, iPod, Safari, and the App Store.


In the original iPhone users are unable to replace the battery on their own. The only way to replace the battery is with the assistance of an Apple associate, or with a skilled specialist.


The iPhone screen has a diagonal of 3.5 inches, no more, no less. It is made of capacitive technology, and only responds to touch. There is no need for the use of a stylus, pen or similar item. Also the screen does not conduct electricity.

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